Chicago Laborers Collective Bargaining Agreement 2017

For employers with employment contracts effective July 1, 2017, neither the Chicago By-law nor the Cook County By-law affects the terms already agreed to. Employment contracts negotiated after July 1, 2017 may waive minimum wage requirements under these regulations, but only if the waiver is clear and unequivocal. Chicago`s by-law applies to all employers who have a business establishment within Chicago`s geographic boundaries and/or are subject to one or more of the city`s licenses. Insured personnel are staff who work at least 80 hours over a period of 120 days. Construction workers covered by a collective agreement are excluded from coverage. Illinois employers who have guidelines that otherwise provide sick leave, as required by law, are not required to change their guidelines to explicitly provide sick leave for family care. For example, there is no need to amend a Paid Leisure Directive (PTO) allowing employees to take their leave for family care. However, the law is unclear as to whether it requires parties to a collective agreement with a personal sick leave policy to negotiate an immediate amendment to the agreement in order to criminalize it with the law (unlike the Chicago Paid Sick Leave Ordinance, which is discussed below, which expressly states that it does not change the terms of an employment contract in effect at the time it comes into effect).