Sober Roommate Agreement

MySoberRoommate is currently working to acquire stories about the “best bad experiences with an undeserved roommate” for an upcoming YouTube series. Sandler says he and his team plan to release the short video replays in the coming months. A colocation contract is a contract that defines everyone`s financial obligations as well as expectations for sharing space and housework. It`s best to design a roommate agreement when all your roommates are present so everyone can agree on the terms. You should include how to allocate the rent, who paid the deposit and a plan for what happens if 1 roommate wants to move before the lease expires. You should also note how to divide services such as water, heating, electricity and internet. In addition to financial obligations, you should include a customer directive, for example.B. how long people can visit and if you can have overnight guests. It is also important to divide up household chores and cleaning tasks. You might want to add additional rules, for example. B if alcohol, smoking or parties are allowed.

Make sure everyone signs the agreement and receives a copy as a reference. For tips on dealing with roommates who break an agreement, see more. Part of the depends on the circumstances. If your roommate comes to you and admits that she slipped and had a drink at the company`s Christmas party, does that mean she shouldn`t live there anymore? How will Sandler make money with his site? Finally, Sandler says he will start accepting offers from sober living communities, and those advertisers will have to pay. It goes without saying that the clients Sandler could work with couldn`t live anywhere. “I had clients coming out of sober (complex) residential environments or toxic living environments, and they struggled to have sober roommates,” he said. “Moving in alone isn`t really good for healing, and it`s certainly not moving in with people who use it. And I thought there was nothing there (like his website.¬†One thing that should also be discussed is a universal and absolute substance use policy. If all members of the household are recovering, you live in a clean, sober household, and this should be a clear expectation. Your arrangement should also include guests. This is not a topic that should be overlooked or ambiguous. Too often, people don`t discuss these very important topics, and when things happen, as they sometimes do, there is no clear approach.

MySoberRoommate offers members the ability to search for sober roommates and connect with them, whether you`re looking for a room or want to fill a vacancy. A new site is changing the way people look for recovering roommates., launched in June, was created by therapist Jesse Sandler, LCSW, who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy, and his partner, Dr. Emily Churg. In an exclusive interview with says founder Jesse Sandler that he thinks his site offers more security for both tenants and those renting rooms. . . .